Some of our programs are eligible for insurance coverage, however, coverage entirely depends on your insurance company. Tree of Life is not associated with any insurance companies. We can provide you with a superbill with all the necessary codes for you to work with your own insurance company if you take part in a medical program. This involves a reimbursement scenario where you pre-pay us and the insurance company reimburses you. We can also provide you with the major CPT Insurance codes connected with treatments received at the Tree of Life.Note that this information does not come with support and is something you would discuss directly with your insurance company.  The Tree of Life does not have further involvement in insurance coverage aside from providing CPT codes and superbills.

Tucson (TUC) is the nearest airport, about an hour and 15 minutes drive away. There are no buses, shuttles or trains that run near Patagonia. Guests can rent a car, which they normally have for the full stay (there are also no car rentals near us). Having a car here is not required, but is recommended if guests do not favor walking a lot – we are on over 180 hilly acres and buildings are spread out. The terrain is rough and steep in areas as well.

Yes! Children are welcome to attend. We do not offer day care, nor do we have any activities specific for children, although many activities are family-friendly. If you are bringing children, we highly suggest having two caretakers so that child supervision can be alternated. Please note we hold a quiet and still environment for our meditations. Children are welcome to attend meditations if they are able to hold a still, quiet space. There is a Montessori school in Patagonia which may have some activities. Some children may enjoy the Shabbat and chanting sessions. There are also some beautiful hikes, as well as the Patagonia Nature Preserve.

Our program is for adult Type II Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics ONLY.  This refers to age 18 and over. Children who are pre-puberty age can benefit from a stay beginning with a Whole Person Healing assessment. We highly recommend their caretakers attend the Conscious Eating Intensive to learn how to prepare dishes that support their diet-specific diabetic children.  Please note that all minors are required to have parental/guardian accompaniment.  The Tree of Life does not offer day care.

Children post-puberty who are under 18 may be able to attend our full Diabetes Recovery Program.  We pre-screen for this possibility.  If you are interested, please fill out our Health Intake Form.  Please note we require all children under 18 to be accompanied by an adult for the full duration of their stay.

We recommend parents attend our Conscious Eating workshops, and that parents (or teenagers who are old enough) read the books There Is a Cure for Diabetes and Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, both by Dr. Gabriel Cousens.  These books are great educational tools for integrating the recommended lifestyle and diet into your child’s (and your own!) life

Dr. Cousens is spending his time lecturing, traveling, writing books and focusing on being a spiritual teacher and is not currently accepting new clients.  For those interested in being in Gabriel’s presence in a small group setting (generally 8-32 people), the following programs are led directly by Gabriel (click to view info):

▪       21-Day Transformation Program

▪       Spiritual Fasting Retreat

▪       Zero Point Workshop

▪       Conscious Eating Intensive

▪       Essene Workshops

▪       Diabetes Recovery

In addition to these programs, Dr. Cousens also leads the evening programs/meditations, including the spiritual satsangs (Q&A) when he is in town

While the price tag, when without insurance coverage, of this program appears to be high, the cost of diabetes as a worldwide pandemic to the individual, insurance companies, and taxpayer is astronomical. We believe that regaining your quality of life and extending your lifespan for you and your children is priceless.  The full 21 days of the program is the minimum required for participants (on insulin, oral hypoglycemics or other medications) to ensure the integrity of the program and the full support for healing. Anything less is a disservice to you and would compromise the level of support provided by Tree of Life.  If you wish to follow a similar path at home, we suggest combining the recommended support tools with close supervision from your own holistic physician to guide you through the process.

Our Diabetes Recovery Program is designed with extensive attention and specificity to give our guests the best supervision and support possible.  The program offers professional supervision by Dr. Cousens and nurses, who specialize in supporting guests in the delicate process of healing Diabetes.  The Reversing Diabetes Naturally program offers a community of over 40 staff members who all practice the diet and lifestyle, to surround and support participants in their healing.  The value of the individual workshops which make up the program are also irreplaceable.  The Spiritual Fasting Retreat (the first part of the program) consists of fasting and detoxification in a group setting of up to 36 other fasters.  The Zero Point (the second part) is a psycho-spiritual workshop that has proven fundamental in healing mental and emotional blocks to long term change.  During the Conscious Eating Intensive (the third part), our team of gourmet Live Food Chefs teach you live food recipes and meals for you to bring back home.  All these are experienced in a group setting, facilitated by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.  You are monitored and supervised daily by the medical staff.  The Tree of Life is an oasis where everyone around you is passionate about vibrant health and well-being and excited to facilitate your life change.

For these reasons, the experience of the Diabetes Recovery program at the Tree of Life Center US cannot be replaced.  That being said, the diet and lifestyle taught at the Tree of Life can be adopted by anyone and supports healing and improved quality of life.  Please note that the Tree of Life and Gabriel Cousens MD do not advise anyone to come off of medications or insulin without doctor’s supervision.  If possible, we recommend seeking a holistic physician in your area, who is willing to work with you.

Our Detoxification programs generally run a few times per month. You may come for an individual detox program of 10, 17, or 24 days.  The Detoxification programs include an array of spa treatments, and participants receive a medical evaluation with our medical professionals the beginning of your stay to assess your individual needs regarding fasting. You also receive a daily check-in with our staff to make sure your fasting journey is going smoothly. During this program there are two fasting discussions: one introducing how to fast, and one discussing how to gracefully break a fast.  There are generally 4-10 people fasting at a time, and there are other guests onsite doing other programs.  Our primary physician supports this fast, and it runs even when Dr. Cousens is away.  If Dr. Cousens is in town, he is involved only to the extent that he leads evening spiritual programs.

In the Spiritual Fasting Retreat, you are in a group setting of approximately 36 people and are guided through the fast directly by Gabriel Cousens, M.D. and Shanti Cousens every day of the fast, receiving support on all levels. You can meditate 2-3 times per day, with special Shaktipat meditation from Dr. Cousens most days, supporting the spiritual unfoldment that fasting tends to enhance. You also have daily check-ins with Dr. Cousens and Shanti each morning of the fast as well as lectures led by Dr. Cousens discussing aspects of fasting. There are no spa treatments included in the price, and you are welcome to schedule spa treatments or select one of our great packages for an additional fee.

Both the Fast and Detox Programs include 4 glasses of organic hydraulic pressed low glycemic green juice, daily yoga classes, evening temple programs, infrared sauna, hot tubs, pool and labyrinth. Both programs also include a day or two of reintegration back to eating solid food with 100% organic, live food served with love from our cafe

Through Dr. Cousens’ extensive research, medical expertise, and decades of leading thousands of people on fasts, and fasting multiple times per year himself, he teaches that the body needs a full 7 days to complete the cycle of cleansing that it needs to go through.  For more information on this, please read Dr. Cousens article which describes the body process called autolysis in his article Juice Fast Detoxification, which you can read by clicking here.

Yes, and we highly recommend doing so! Please call 520.394.2520 (option 5) to reserve appointments or ask questions about the treatments we offer.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Tree of Life Community!  We have a volunteer program called seva (service), for those who are interested in being in service.  It requires a minimum three-month commitment and entails a 40-hour work week in exchange for meals at our cafe, access to meditations and yoga classes, access to facilities (infrared sauna, hot tubs, nature trails, sundecks, etc.), as well as community events.  Please note, we do not accept work trade for any of our services, programs, or medical attention.  To apply, please click here.

We do not currently have a system of referrals.  We recommend searching for a doctor who is familiar with Gabriel Cousens M.D.’s work, and/or holistically trained with support for the live food vegan lifestyle!

  1. Dr. Cousens’ books share the principles and practices that Gabriel Cousens M.D. and the Tree of Life Community live on a daily basis.  Click here to view all seven of Dr. Cousens’ books.
  2. Articles and blogs by Dr. Cousens– click here to view.
  3. Online video– search “Gabriel Cousens” on youtube to view a plethora of informational videos.
  4. The Raw for 30 Days documentary and support DVD, Simply Raw.  Click here to purchase.