After 25 years of thriving business, the Tree of Life Center US closed its doors in November 2017. We are now open solely as Dr. Cousens’ private medical practice. We no longer offer guest accomodations or food, as our cafe is closed as well. As part of Dr. Cousens’ mission, we are now offering two spiritual retreats a year, including the Annual Living Essene Gathering, and the 3-Day Multidimensional Liberation Meditation Intensive. If you are interested in becoming a patient of Dr. Cousens’, there is still the opportunity to work with him one-on-one. Please submit a Health Intake Form to apply to become a patient. If you are interested in registering for any events we are offering, or have any questions at all, please contact us at 520-394-2520 or email at   

Dr. Cousens is currently accepting new patients. He is available for both in-person consultations and long-distance consultations via phone or Skype. To apply to become a patient, please submit a Health Intake Form. For more information about becoming a patient of Dr. Cousens’ in his Whole Person Health Evaluation program, please click here.

For those interested in being in Gabriel’s presence in a group setting, the following programs are led directly by Dr. Cousens (click to view info):

▪       3-Day Multi-Dimensional Liberation Meditation Intensive

▪       Annual Living Essene Gathering

In addition to these programs, Dr. Cousens also leads the evening programs/meditations, including the spiritual satsangs (Q&A) when he is in town. Please call 520-394-2520 or email for more information.

Our Whole Person Health Evaluation is eligible for insurance coverage, however, coverage entirely depends on your insurance company. Tree of Life is not associated with any insurance companies. We can provide you with a superbill with all the necessary codes for you to work with your own insurance company if you take part in a medical program. This involves a reimbursement scenario where you pre-pay us and the insurance company reimburses you. We can also provide you with the major CPT Insurance codes connected with treatments received at the Tree of Life. Note that this information does not come with support and is something you would discuss directly with your insurance company.  The Tree of Life does not have further involvement in insurance coverage aside from providing CPT codes and superbills.

Tucson (TUC) is the nearest airport, about an hour and 15 minutes drive away. There are no buses  or trains that run near Patagonia. Guests can rent a car, which they normally have for the full stay (there are also no car rentals near us). Having a car here is not required, but is recommended if guests do not favor walking a lot – we are on over 180 hilly acres and buildings are spread out. The terrain is rough and steep in areas as well. Ken’s Shuttle Service provides rides to and from Tucson International Airport to the Tree of Life Center. Please visit or call 520-604-6939 to book your ride.

Yes! Children are welcome to attend. We do not offer day care, nor do we have any activities specific for children, although many activities are family-friendly. If you are bringing children, we highly suggest having two caretakers so that child supervision can be alternated. Please note we hold a quiet and still environment for our meditations. Children are welcome to attend meditations if they are able to hold a still, quiet space. There is a Montessori school in Patagonia which may have some activities. Some children may enjoy the Shabbat and chanting sessions. There are also some beautiful hikes, as well as the Patagonia Nature Preserve.

The diet and lifestyle taught at the Tree of Life can be adopted by anyone and supports healing and improved quality of life.  Please note that the Tree of Life and Gabriel Cousens, MD do not advise anyone to come off of medications or insulin without doctor’s supervision.  If possible, we recommend seeking a holistic physician in your area, who is willing to work with you. You can find Dr. Cousens’ 21-day Diabetes Recovery protocol in his book There Is A Cure for Diabetes.

Through Dr. Cousens’ extensive research, medical expertise, and decades of leading thousands of people on fasts, and fasting multiple times per year himself, he teaches that the body needs a full 7 days to complete the cycle of cleansing that it needs to go through.  For more information on this, please read Dr. Cousens article which describes the body process called autolysis in his article Juice Fast Detoxification, which you can read by clicking here.

We no longer offer Seva or Apprenticeship opportunities.

We do not currently have a system of referrals.  We recommend searching for a doctor who is familiar with Gabriel Cousens M.D.’s work, and/or holistically trained with support for the live food vegan lifestyle!

  1. Dr. Cousens’ books share the principles and practices that Gabriel Cousens M.D. and the Tree of Life Community live on a daily basis.  Click here to view all of Dr. Cousens’ books.
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  3. The Raw for 30 Days documentary and support DVD, Simply Raw.  Click here to purchase.
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