Flat Earth

For spiritual life, we have to go inside for some level of truth. People somewhat in control of society have created an overall societal reality and are working very hard to get you to believe in it.  Certain things have been done throughout history that can throw you off.  The Gregorian calendar is an example of this.  It is a calendar system that puts us slightly out of touch, but just enough to throw us off from true astrological time, which is a way that God communicates with us and is a way of organizing the energies coming onto the planet.  This has been going on throughout history.  We have taken a whole lot of mythology as truth.  This is why questioning everything is important to spiritual life.

This includes questioning assumptions we’ve held all of our lives.  We have been told that the earth is round not flat; that vaccinations are good for us, when the scientific evidence shows they are not; that GMOs are fine, when the evidence shows they are not; and that reversing diabetes isn’t possible, when natural healing techniques prove that it is possible to cure diabetes.  There are endless examples.

Today there is a whole movement of people who claim they have evidence that proves the earth is flat. I’m not saying that the earth is round or flat, but I am saying that it is important to be willing to look into this novel position.  What I’m saying is that we’ve made assumptions about the basics of reality as if they are true.  The way that I was able to find a cure for diabetes was that I didn’t listen to what every medical school tells you about diabetes.  We are taught many things in school that do not serve us.

On the other side of this, as we talk about spiritual life, we look to the inner experience.  This knowing is not because somebody else said it, not because it was taught to you in church or in school, but rather that it is your own inner experience.  Yes, there does need to be a certain amount of faith that you have to look in a certain direction but part of spiritual life is being very gevurah, which is discriminative.  We need to really assess what is truth.  Spiritual path means constantly questioning yourself and constantly questioning what is going to find what is really aligned with the truth.  In zero point I talk about following the moral and ethical teachings of the last 6,000 years combined with your own intuition.  When we live in a world that is trying to impose its version of reality or truth on us, as we saw in the above examples, we need to heighten our ability of discrimination so that we can have a certain understanding and still rely on more of the inner truth.

Nine hundred years ago, Isaac ben Samuel of Acre calculated the age of the universe to be 15 billion years old.  He also taught that at the very beginning of creation, the universe was being absorbed into a black hole and an impulse reversed it into expansion.  He was a kabbalist who was meditating in Israel.  Now the astrophysicists are saying that it is true.  We hear people say, “All of the answers are inside.”  This is true.  Maybe we need to take a longer and stronger look at the answers inside.  It is very important for us to keep our eyes open and to question the reality that is being presented to us and to trust your own inner awareness.   In spiritual life, we don’t accept externalities as truth.  It is about not allowing the external reality distort your internal reality and your connection.  If you start doubting yourself because your inner reality is not jiving with the outer reality then the next question is, what is the reality of that reality, verses my inner reality?

I’m saying this to build your confidence of how important it is to go more within.  It is important to start trusting yourself.  It is fundamental to spiritual evolution.  May everybody be blessed that they may question the presentation of what outer reality is and begin to trust more and more the bearings of your inner reality of the soul.