Everything is Real

Koach Mah is the “power of what”. The “power of what” is an understanding that the material world is not really material.  It is immaterial and our relationship with it is immaterial on one level. The key is that in Koach Mah, the power of what, there is a task for us to release the spiritual energy that is hidden in it, and to release it back into its primordial essence origin. Like the kundalini, which is stored at the base of the spine, it comes from the cosmos in a process we call involution down into the base of the spine where it is stored. When it gets awakened, it goes back up merging us with the heavens.  By heavens I mean the next plane up rather than the stars. These include the astral plane, mental plane, and spiritual plane.  Our task, somehow is to in the same way, see the energy of the Divine in the physical world and to be thoughtful enough and deep enough to be able to release it and unify with it in way that brings it back into the heavens.  It is a particular way of looking at the world. In the Avaita Vedanta the message is niti-niti, nothing is real. Koach Mah is just the opposite. It is the teaching of everything is real.

What do I mean by everything is real? Everything is real in the sense that it has the spark of the Divine within it.  As humans are real, indeed so is all of the physical plane. In Kabbalistic tradition, all of the planets are living and have a soul. The sun has a soul.  The earth has a soul.  These are ancient teachings. This is not pagan or pantheon teaching. To see the spark of God within everything is a panentheism teaching.  Pantheism is the worship of nature as God.  These are two separate ideas.  A panentheistic understanding suddenly wakes things up.

There is another part that brings us better understanding.  This is Koach Ha Me De Mah, which means the power of a similitude. This is when things come out of the nothing and appear to be something, and then go back into the nothing again.  Another way of understanding Koach Mah, the power of what, is to be able to in essence, see that what is in front of you is both existent and non-existent simultaneously. Spiritual life is really quite paradoxical and requires our ability to hold the paradox.

The other side of that is “yes, yes”, instead of “no, no”, such as within Kashmir Shaivism.  This is the basis of real Tantra, which is different than the American style that is all about sex.  The basis is seeing the light of God in all of creation, and therefore knowing that all of creation is real.

When we begin to experience the world that way, we begin to feel a much deeper connection to the living planet.  We begin to experience the material world as living and no longer separate from us.  We are one with it. When we look at the ecology, we begin to understand that we aren’t stewards; we are one with the living planet.  When we eat our food, are we eating in a way that elevates the planetary network of life? This is an underlying factor in the choice to eat vegan and live food.  There is no death involved and there is an elevation of consciousness. There is an activation of the light, because eating is in harmony. When we understand our oneness with the ecology, we naturally begin to act in more unified ways in relation to the one.

The two teachings then come together, Koach Mah, “the power of God in What”, and Koach Ha Me De Mah, the coming and going of the similitude of the material world out of Nothing and becoming Something.  It is happening so fast that it looks like it is Something.  We live in this world and it is real, but if we don’t have quite the right relationship with it we are relating to the world and people as objects. This is amplified by our computer world, and this is where we lose the meaning of sacred relationship. This not only applies to couples but also to the whole matrix of life. This can be challenging because sacred relationship is not necessarily a yin relationship. It can have fire. It has boundaries. It has chesed and loving kindness. This is all part of relationship. The point of Koach Ha Me De Mah in relationship, is that we elevate everything around us, regardless of whether we’re creating fire or water.  How we look at the world, and how we experience the world is key.

May everybody be blessed that we are able to interact with the world in a way that elevates the living planet and the network of life on the living planet. Amen.