Essenes Week 6: The Universality of the Essene Path

One world soul or working in unity does not in any way mean forcing anyone to follow a particular form of worshipping God. In this context, as Essenes, we are specially obligated to live in harmony with all creation and to perceive the world’s transcendent unity. It is our joyous duty to share by example this unity with all sentient beings. Our focus is not simply personal transcendence, but the social and spiritual transcendence of the whole world. We need to bring into the world a morality and spirituality imbued with an awareness of Yah’s presence. It is Kedushah or experiencing holiness in all things. It is the process of infusing the material world with a palpable spiritual presence. It includes surrendering to God’s will, so we may express Yah’s will on this planet.

There is evidence that the ancient Essenes actively participated in this work of teaching the nations. For example, in 20 B.C.E., the Jerusalem Talmud recorded that Menachem, the Essene, lead 160 Essenes to spread the Noahide “Commandments,” or “Utterances,” to the Children of Noah. The Noahide Utterances are the seven universal sayings originally given to Adam, again to Noah after the flood, and repeated again as an intrinsic part of the Divine revelation at Mt. Sinai. They are recorded in the Babylonian Talmud, the Tractate Sanhedrin, and the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides. They are called the path of the Righteous Gentile.

The Righteous Gentiles are people of various religious backgrounds and cultures who resonate with the source and covenant of the seven Noahide Utterances. It includes those radiant souls who are also resonant with the Essene archetype and energies. The Noahide sayings are considered the most ancient covenant with Yah that establishes the foundation for living and rejoicing in the awareness of God’s presence. The Living Essene Way acknowledges its roots and foundation in the mystical, Kabbalistic, ecstatic Great Torah Way. Today, the Living Essene Way is a contemporary metaphor for living in awakened normality. It attracts like-minded people from all spiritual backgrounds and races to live and work together for tikkun ha nefesh (healing of the individual) and tikkun ha olam (healing of the world). Essene is not a race or religion, but an evolutionary vibration rate.

According to Kabbalistic teachings, Righteous Jews or Children of Israel and Righteous Gentiles or Children of Noah will work together as equal partners in cooperation with God to bring about the healing and transformation of the planet as well as readiness for the Messianic age. It is a partnership model that equally respects all. The Essenes are the oldest egalitarian spiritual organization in the world. We see any form of exploitation as dishonoring the Divine and a moving away from the Divine in one’s life. We are all children of God and any form of exploitation is exploiting one’s own family and the family of the living earth.