Week 7: The Seven Noachide Principles

The Seven Noahide Utterances or Laws (as discussed in last week’s newsletter) are:

  1. No idolatry. Idolatry is any service, devotion, or drawing forth energy, positive or negative, from any created thing, including angels, air, earth, fire, water, plants, stars, and so on, with the attitude of worship. In a more sophisticated spiritual act, idolatry is allowing ourselves to be controlled by external objects, situations, or people. Bowing to our own self-image is idolatry. According to the Kabbalah, anger is a blatant form of idolatry in which we let something external control our emotions and thoughts. It includes the worship of anything as if it is independent from God. The subject of idol worship is complex because all that is created is an aspect of the Divine. All is One. Therefore, all things, with appropriate awareness, can serve as a vehicle to connect with the One.
  2. No blasphemy of God’s name
  3. No murder
  4. No theft
  5. No adultery or incest
  6. Non-cruelty to animals (this interpretation is compatible with 21st Century Essene ethics and the original Noahide Utterance). It is the foundation for the vegetarian way of the Essenes and antipathy to animal sacrifice.
  7. To establish “courts of law” to support people in keeping these universal laws. In Noah and Moses’ time, there were courts or circles of law presided over by a wise person. Whenever a person had a question regarding the application of these laws or a dispute, he or she would refer to them for guidance. The wise person also provided a good example of following these principles, thereby upholding the vision on which these principles are based. Therefore, on a subtle personal level, these courts or circles weren’t about judging people, but maintaining an atmosphere of integrity, which encourages adherence and discourages even a conspiracy of silence with people who choose not to align with these seven universal principles.

To follows these laws makes a person a Pious One of the Nations. The seven Noahide utterances apply equally to men and women. No one is above honoring and respecting dharma, or right action, of the Seven Noachide Utterances or the Ten Utterances/Speakings (Commandments). Then, with the foundation in place, we can take the next step of rising above the mere following of teachings and ritual to directly know God and be whole. In this wholeness, we actively unify the heavens and the earth in each moment.