Essene Week 10: The Essene Way of Life as a Peace Teaching

walkers between worlds

The Essenes practiced an agricultural, community-based lifestyle away from the cities. There were no rich or poor among them because of the alignment of their economics, lifestyle, and society with Divine Law. The Essenes considered Divine Law to be the sum total of all the laws governing all manifestations of the forces of nature and the cosmos. This Divine Law is perhaps best summarized as the Living Law of Love and Harmony with All Creation. In accordance with their sense of Divine Law, the Essenes had no slaves and were said to be the first society to condemn slavery both in theory and practice.

Although the Qumran Essenes lived in the harsh conditions of the desert, each person’s material needs, food, and shelter were easily and abundantly met because of that person’s alignment with the essential harmony of the universe. The Essenes were vegetarians; they avoided any form of alcohol except ceremonial wine; and they daily fed their bodies, minds, and souls with contemplation of the earthly and cosmic forces that they poetically called angels. They also worked with the traditional Kabbalistic ten levels of sephirotic energies of the Tree of Life. In the morning, they contemplated the forces (angels) of Nature. In the evening, they contemplated the cosmic forces. At noontime, they contemplated one aspect of the Sevenfold Path of Peace. Through this weekly cycle, the balance and practice of peace would be reviewed continuously.

The results of this approach to life were extraordinary. In contrast to the short life span of the surrounding peoples, historians of the time have recorded that it was common for the Essenes to live to an average age of 120 years or more. Creating Peace by Being Peace presents this heritage of the Sevenfold Path of Peace as a framework for creating full peace in one’s life. It is an approach for understanding how to create a holistic peace with the body, mind, family, community, culture, living planet (Earthly Mother in Dr. Szekeley’s translation), and the Radiant One (Heavenly Father).

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