Effects of Over-Eating on Our Minds

Over-eating in general, especially of excess protein, and eating late in the evening are two sure ways to make the mind and body go numb. The body-mind life force becomes drained because it has to divert essential energy to support the over-strained digestive system and compensate for low cellular oxygen from blood sludging and high fats.

By eating too much protein, one not only encourages bowel toxicity but often tends to become too acidic.  The more acidic our system, the slower and less clear our thinking becomes. When our blood pH moves from its normal level of 7.4 to even a  slightly acid pH of 6.95, the nervous system begins to shut down, one becomes stuporous, and may slip into an acidotic coma. That is one way that excess acidity may affect the mind. If one’s pH becomes too alkaline, one may become physiologically and emotional sensitive and irritable, or in some cases, a “space case” with difficulty focusing and concentrating. A stable acid-base balance of the body is important for maintaining a stable mental state.