Dying Into The Nothing

From a liberation perspective, we are never independent. Liberation means you are liberated from the false idea that you are the individual body, mind, and soul. Real liberation is the direct experience of “Dying into the Nothing” where you are free from the delusion of separation.

There were some people in prison. They dug a hole and everyone escaped except for one man. He chose to stay behind. In the morning when the jailer came, he found that all had escaped except for the one man who had elected to stay behind. The guard began beating the man who stayed behind.

Why would the jailer beat the man who stayed behind?

The man who stayed behind was truly independent. He didn’t care whether he was running around on the outside or whether he was stuck inside. To him it didn’t matter. Ultimately the jailer had no power over him.

That statement infuriated the jailer. The jailer wanted power to dominate. But the man who stayed behind couldn’t be bothered to run away.

It doesn’t matter who you are because the inner world is the place of independence. Deeper still, the inner world is the place where we go beyond the illusion of independence.

There are levels to this discussion. On the physical plane and the astral plane we can talk about independence, but on the higher planes there is no “us” to be independent. In the world of liberation there is neither dependence nor independence. There is no “you” to even have this discussion.

Independence is still within the Big Universe and the Big Mind, even if it is a quiet mind. Quieting your mind to transcend the Big Mind is part of the liberation process in which we merge into the Source. Even if you don’t believe in a Source, you can still quiet your mind and do quite well, but the traditions that I am trained in and my own experience says that merging into the Source beyond the I-Am-ness is the ultimate freedom. According to the Sefer Yetzirah, whose authorship is attributed to Abraham, it is important to go beyond time, space, and I-Am-ness. The moment you relinquish I-Am-ness, there is no “you” to be free. It’s an interesting paradox, and liberation is the ultimate paradox, because we are multi-dimensional beings working on every level and also prior to being-ness and prior to consciousness. It is not something you can attain, because there must be a “you” to attain. It is something you simply are.

In yoga we call this svarupa, the natural way of liberation. When you live this way, through the Six Foundations and the Sevenfold Peace, this sets the preconditions for the grace to transcend the mind. It’s very sweet and effortless.

This is of course another paradox. Do you have an intention to be liberated? Does intention get in the way of liberation? What to do? In going deeper we understand that if there is an intention toward a particular point it limits the liberation process, as opposed to an intention toward God, which is more general and doesn’t necessarily have an endpoint to it. In liberation you are liberated from every intention including the general urge to know God, because it has already happened.

May all be blessed with grace to go beyond the ceiling of the mind and into Source, where there is no independence or dependence because there is no you to be independent or dependent – there is only Nothing.