The Four Principles Of Cleansing

Detoxification programs address the impact of accumulated stress and toxins on overall health. On a 9-Day Juice Fast & Detoxification Retreat these effects can be observed in many ways. Symptoms such as bad breath, skin manifestations, headaches, weight gain, general malaise, allergies, fungal infections, gastrointestinal conditions, sciatica, various forms of low back pain, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, and depression can all be indications of a system overloaded by mental and physical toxins. The Power of Organic Green Juice Fasting with supportive detoxification modalities has been clearly shown to turn this around.

Physical toxins can accumulate in many ways; the food we eat, the environment we live in, and daily emotional stresses all contribute to stored toxins in our system.

In recent history, mankind has managed to drastically change the chemistry of the environment in which we live. For example, in 1996 alone, more than 418,000,000 pounds of chemicals were released into the ground, threatening a portion of the soil we grow our food in and the natural underground water tables that supply some of our drinking water. Over 45,000,000 pounds of chemicals were also discharged into surface waters such as lakes and rivers. More than 1,000,000,000 pounds of chemical emissions were pumped into the air we breathe. A grand total of 2,433,506,582 pounds of chemical pollutants were released into the environment we eat, breathe, and live in, all in just one year.

To compound the problem of our toxic environment, we have refined away much of the nutritional value of our food supply and replaced it with artificial colorings, preservatives, flavorings, conditioners, etc. This poor quality diet-combined with extensive use of antibiotics in medicine and agriculture-may have predisposed many of us to experience a kind of “internal” pollution. Internal pollution occurs when toxins enter the body from the environment or are produced by unhealthy bacteria in the intestine. Internal pollution negatively impacts many aspects of our overall health.

Everyone on the planet is being exposed to endless toxins therefore Tree of Life recommends a powerful detoxification program.

While it is important to be aware of toxins and do our best to avoid major sources, we can’t escape the reality of worldwide pollution on many levels. The best strategy is to practice good health habits and cultivate a vital life-force capable of dealing with environmental stresses. Cleansing is an important part of developing and maintaining a balanced body system, resistant to the excesses of the world.

A principal benefit of our Juice Detox Programs is a break from one’s customary social setting and routine. At the Tree of Life you can reconnect with the basic habits of good health, the forces of nature, and clear any unhealthy temptations that might be part of your day-to-day existence. At our intimate center you’ll enjoy the revitalizing energy of clean water, fresh air, bountiful sunshine, and 100% organic, live-food meals and juices. You’ll also be supported in creating a new routine that includes exercise, meditation, and adequate rest.

Many people find retreat time useful in overcoming old habits, effecting lifestyle changes and directly experiencing one’s own body rhythms. Fasting, in particular, eliminates strong cell-memory cravings, making it easier for people to overcome addictive tendencies such as poor food choices, cigarettes and other stimulants.

Secrets of Cleansing and Rejuvenation

The healthful practice of cleansing and energetic revitalization can be understood in terms of four basic principles:

  1. Activating the Vital Life Force
  2. Diffusion of Toxins
  3. Emotional and Spiritual Revitalization
  4. Non-invasive Cellular Energizing Procedures

1. Activating the Vital Life Force

The key to all successful, deep-acting cleansing and revitalization is activating the vital life force. When we increase the vital force and resonance energy of each cell through the fourth principle of non-invasive cellular energizing procedures (see below), the body has the increased energetic power to discharge the cellular, organ and total body toxins that have accumulated over the years in a weakened, low vital force system. The elimination of “ingested” physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual toxins is important for further increasing the vital force. Fasting has been recognized since the time of Hippocrates as one of the primary ways to activate the vital force. Contemporary technologies have also been discovered that increase the vital life force. By energizing the cells with our infra-red sauna, oxy-bounce, and ozone steam box, all which increase oxygen at the mitochondria level in each cell, we are able to significantly amplify the cellular energy. When the cellular energy increases in each cell they have an increased capacity to discharge accumulated toxins.

2. Diffusion

In the physical and chemical phenomenon known as diffusion, elements move from areas of higher concentration to those of lower concentration. If we lessen the amount of toxins in the blood through dietary change, fasting, and other processes, the law of diffusion tells us that the toxins concentrated in the cells begin to flow back into the extra cellular fluid. Toxins are diffused into the blood stream and then go to the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, lymph, and skin systems – where they are eliminated. Cleansing procedures that are particularly helpful for this are: fasting, individual bodywork treatments, lymphatic drainage bodywork, 10-15 minutes of re-bounding, oxy-bounce, yoga, pranayama, sunbathing, air baths, infra-red sauna, ozone steam box, skin brushing, and enemas.

3. Emotional and Spiritual Revitalization

The third principle of the rejuvenation experience is emotional, mental, and spiritual revitalization. This process is greatly enhanced by a joyous, uplifting emotional and spiritual setting in which the inherent spiritual light is activated and awakened. Many people have a greatly depleted vital force from years of sadness and spiritual numbness that has lead to a build up of physical toxins on the physical plane. The focus of the “Tree of Life Experience” is to provide foundational support for recovering one’s natural sense of joy and connection.

4. Non-invasive Cellular Energizing Procedures

We have created some of the country’s most effective Detoxification Programs that include such potent non-invasive cellular energizing processes as: juice fasting, yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) other forms of energetic exercise, aerobic rebounding and other forms of physical exercise, lymphatic drainage bodywork, emotional clearing, homeopathic and herbal remedies, infra-red sauna, ozone steam box, organic live-food, access to all the powerful healing forces of nature. All are offered with the protective nurturance and joyous inspiration of an unparalleled spiritual sanctuary which is a very powerful environment for eliminating physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual toxins.