Crimes Against Wisdom

Today I’m going to talk about Prajnaparadha, which is known in the yoga tradition as crimes against wisdom.   What we are talking about is a whole way of living that violates your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.  This is an Ayurveda term used in assessing global level of health.  An example from the physical level is diabetes, which is a pandemic of crimes against wisdom.  Before the 1920’s very few people in this country had diabetes and there was one case reported amongst Native Americans.  Now it is 90% of the Native population who have diabetes.  What happened?  Our diet is a wild crime against wisdom.  White flour, white sugar, processed foods, junk foods, high fructose corn syrup, have proven to be a complete and serious disaster for one’s health in general resulting in heart disease, cancer, and diabetes in particular.  You have the international corporations and the government supporting this. The key understanding is that it is a media supported, “normal” way of life that is creating it.  You don’t catch diabetes; you earn it by believing the media programming.

You earn it by choosing to join the culture of death.  White sugar, white flour, vaccinations, etc. all come together to cause a serious degeneration of human health.  The latest popular media topic is the Zika virus.  Looking into the details we see that while it is blamed on a hapless mosquito, this virus has been around since 1940, without much issue other than flu-like symptoms.  Suddenly, it is claimed to be the cause of microcephaly which is the shrinking of the brain when a baby is born.  There is a huge problem with this scare. Only 4% of these babies with microcephaly in Brazil had Zika virus. In Colombia, they followed 12,000 pregnant women with evidence of Zika virus infection and none of their children were born with anencephaly. The Colombian research is hypothesizing it is from the use of particular larvicide uses in Brazil. There are other hypothesized causes including a new DTAP vaccine given to pregnant women during this time frame, high use of pesticides and herbicides in general and use of genetically modified mosquitos.

Another crime against wisdom is cell phones.  Research is indicating a decrease in fertility among men linked to cell phones being carried within ½ meter of the genitals.  There is more research to be done on this.  We do know that there are tumors linked to cell phone use as well.  The risk to children is considered to be greater because their skulls are thinner.

These are culture-based crimes on the physical level.  What about misuse and over use of psycho pharmaceuticals in general and on children? These have been directly associated with an approximate 100-fold increase in mentally disabled people since 1850. Doctors are now actually giving anti-psychotic drugs to children who are still in the crib.  Common sense tells us that it is irresponsible to be giving drugs that alter brain function to children whose brains are still developing.  The first two years of life is when 92% of the brain development happens.  To give a baby, two-year-old, or a four-year-old a drug that affects the metabolism of the brain is going to affect their emotional development.   The diagnosis of manic-depression of infants has no objective reality.  There are no real symptoms or chemical tests you can take to make a diagnosis like this.  Drug use like this is altering the emotional, mental, and quite frankly the spiritual development of the child.  Psycho pharmaceuticals disorganize the brain wiring and neurotransmitter balances, and has been linked to a threefold increased suicide and homicide rate.  In almost every case where there was a mass shooting in schools, the attackers were on these anti-psychotics or anti-depressant. When we look at the SSRI’s, it is somewhat like a chemical lobotomy.   This aggravates the violence as well.   This is a crime against humanity, against wisdom, and against spirit.  Having a background in this field, as I personally taught psychopharmacology to psychoneurologists.  What we are seeing with this psycho-pharmacological data is that there is no proof that the drugs work, but that they do alter the brain function.  We also know that there are safer ways to address mental health issues, such as the orthomolecular approach.

If you look at the work of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the Waldorf schools, we see that there is a whole progression of development.  You are just developing even at the age of seven or eight on up into your teens.  Through these crimes against wisdom, this development is being blocked.  More information about this is available in my new book Conscious Parenting.

Prajnaparadha occurs in the media with the increased violence and pornography.  All of the serial killers in this country have been found to be involved in pornography.  Some go so far as to say that this is where their problem began.  What happens is that pornography gets people stuck in some very dark places.  This is widespread in our society, and another example of crimes against wisdom.  It is a perversion against the sacred feminine and is a symptom of the society breaking down.  When the society breaks down, we see these crimes in every parameter of human interaction.

What is the antidote to this?  It is wisdom.  It is the wisdom of going back to the natural ways, eating lower on the food-chain (vegan), at least 80% live food, and taking supplements to help with the toxicity.  It is taking responsibility for the results on the human mind in relationship to what we are putting out into the media. This is what the Tree of Life Foundation is teaching throughout the world.

Probably most everyone I know, at one time thought that eating depleted foods was healthy. I didn’t even know about vegetarianism until I was 28 years old.  This is the framework.  At one time we did not understand that overuse of antibiotics would result in pervasive antibiotic resistant bacteria. Yet, once we have this education, wisdom needs to be the antidote.  This wisdom is not always well received in the world.  People may ask, “What are you thinking?’  But you are thinking.  You are being wise.  This is not about being paranoid about the rampant crimes against wisdom happening, but about correcting your own crimes against wisdom.  This is when you start to live wisely.  This is when you start to live according to the Six Foundations for Spiritual Life, in order to quiet the mind in order to transcend the mind.  Living the Six Foundations aids in being able to better access the wisdom within you.