Inside the program: Conscious Gardening

By John Phillips, workshop leader

organic-garden-treeoflifecenterus18Conscious Veganic Gardening is the basis for Conscious Eating in the true sense that we use a veganic/organic production method that replaces not only the chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in conventional agriculture, but also we replace the many organic fertilizers that rely on waste products and by-products of animal agriculture.  The method we use here at the Tree of Life Gardens and Sprout House is based on Kyusei Nature Farming which was started in Japan in 1935 by Mokichi Okada as a method of farming that follows the example of “Great Nature” and which relies on natural plant-based compost, green manures and cover crops, and natural minerals for fertility.  In addition, we use EM or Effective Microorganisms, a discovery by Dr. Teruo Higa of Okinawa, Japan which uses a consortium of fermentation microorganisms to provide enzyme-rich probiotic solutions which are used to make bokashi, a veganic fertilizer, as well as activated EM and fermented plant extracts.  These probiotic solutions have been shown by research to help deal with the many challenges we face in producing food in today’s environment where we not only have to deal with the usual pests and disease, but also with such things as chem-trails and radiation and pesticides in the environment.

The Conscious Gardening Workshop is an opportunity to receive both hands-on and theoretical training in the very methods we use here at the Tree of Life Gardens and Sprout House to produce authentic live food for our visitors and guests.  We show you how we do Sprouts the Tree of Life Way on our first two days, using EM, ocean minerals and hydrogen peroxide to create sprouts and micro-greens for our Café.  We start with seeds and sprouting on our first day, because this is the way agriculture itself was invented.  We also teach how to garden “seed to seed” as our ancestors did, and we teach the basics of seed saving.  Conscious Gardening, as part of the Tree of Life paradigm of teaching “The Culture of Life”, teaches the true seasons of the year and the ancient wisdom of the Solar Calendar, the moon signs, and the balancing of the energies of the earth, the sun and the moon as the basis for true garden planning.  Each participant is encouraged to begin laying the framework for planning their own garden using our workbook and other aids.

We teach a hands-on class in EM technology that shows how to make all the different forms of EM solutions and EM bokashi.  We show how to combine these probiotic inputs with food waste to make kitchen waste bokashi and EM compost.  We show how to make various combinations of EM and organic inputs, such as Maxi-Crop (seaweed) and humates (liquefied compost).

We show how to create a gardening system appropriate to the various scales of production, and how to integrate the right tools and techniques to succeed in implementing that system.  We spend time in the garden with the garden staff and tools and equipment to get a hands-on feel for the right tools and system for our needs.  We examine exotic production strategies, such as aquaponics and mushroom production and see how they can fit in with our veganic paradigm.

We spend a full day on problem solving, insects, diseases, vertebrate pests and show various strategies for dealing with them using Nature Farming Principles and Practices and EM and other natural products.  We end our workshop by coming full circle to discuss “The Begging Bowl Approach to Harvesting”, as well as how to make flower essences and gem elixirs.  The flower is the basis for the seed, is the basis for gardening “seed to seed”.  This workshop is only offered on a limited basis once or twice a year at Tree of Life, and class size is limited so we can give each participant the attention and assistance they need.  So, if you are interested, please CLICK HERE to register immediately, so you won’t be disappointed.

Dr. Cousens and John Phillips discuss the program in the video below!