What is the Chinese Health Assessment?

The Tree of Life is happy to offer a unique combination of traditional Oriental medicine and vegan live food recommendations in an innovative approach that blends ancient Taoism and Dr Cousens’ modern 6 Foundations to health.

liliane-papin-200-300Dr Liliane Papin joined the staff of the Tree of Life to work and study with Dr Cousens in 2012. Her previous own experience of living in China and Japan, teaching Chinese food therapy, acupuncture and herbology in Chinese medicine schools as well as practicing a macrobiotic lifestyle for many years has given her a comprehensive understanding that enables her to answer a wide variety of questions and clear much confusion or misunderstanding associated with the practice of vegan and live food lifestyles in present day Oriental medicine teachings.

The Chinese Medicine Complete Health Assessment is based on the Daoist tools of the 5 transformations to create an ecological map of our state of health. The assessment is a thorough evaluation of your present health condition using the traditional tools of pulse, tongue, palpation and facial diagnosis as well as more modern tools of blood pressure cuff or glucometer. This reading will help us create a “map” of your present and past health challenges and provide you with a solid framework and profound insights into your physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. This map offers a different type of diagnosis in which your physical, emotional and spiritual challenges weave themselves into your unique life journey pattern. It enables you to understand how disease or physical imbalances become friendly guides toward a deeper connection with yourself and your own divine nature. What clearly emerges is the inner intelligence, guidance and deep wisdom of your own body.
The health assessment offers a safe space to explore and bring to light the interconnectedness of those various levels in your personal life and unfold the deep layers of quest that they reveal. Our medical history turns into a journey of individualized empowerment, unearthing many obstacles that we can turn into the most powerful tools of transformation. We use the deep wisdom and very sophisticated tools of Chinese medicine diagnosis to assist you in gaining a global understanding of family and personal history challenges as well as very practical tools of dietary, herbal and lifestyle recommendations.

 What can I expect during a health assessment?

In your consultation you will get a thorough assessment of your present health condition using the traditional tools of pulse, tongue, palpation and facial diagnosis as well as the more modern tools of blood pressure cuff or glucometer!

This basic diagnosis will provide  you with a solid framework and profound insights into the physical, emotional and spiritual components of your health challenges.

fotolia_77150615You will leave with specific protocols and recommendations using the following tools according to your needs:
  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Recommendations for external remedies, oils, compresses, colonics, enemas or massage.
  • Herbs, supplements and formulas for prevention, healing and seasonal maintenance of health
  • Recommendation of specific acupressure points and self-massage
  • Auricular acupuncture for addiction release
  • Essential oils best suited to your needs
  • Practices to best support your emotional, mental and spiritual journey
  • Recommendations of books, videos and programs offered at the Tree of Life best suited to your present and future health journey
  • Recommendations of health modalities offered at the Tree including acupuncture, scar treatment, papimi or rolfing
  • Recommendations for further lab tests or health evaluations with Dr Cousens or other medical practitioners as deemed necessary.

Why Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine is a complete system of medicine with its own forms of diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and therapies. Chinese Medicine addresses hormonal balancing from a different perspective than traditional allopathic medicine. When we link the best of both worlds, we get a very thorough map for healing. For instance, in Chinese Medicine, hot flashes are considered forms of trapped heat often caused by overactive livers. Western science tells us that the liver regulates sex hormones, estrogen in particular. The map of the chakra, linked to acupressure points, points to the solar plexus and emotional and spiritual issues of personal power.The tools of Chinese Medicine enable us to design a protocol of herbs, acupressure, food therapy, qigong and meditation to balance the organs that are the root of the problem.  Oriental philosophy offers a medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years and already knew to address all aspects of mind, body and spirit. as a whole. Through the lens of Chinese medicine we can correct imbalances that have caused illness and pain, or even detect and correct imbalances prior to the appearance of symptoms, thus preventing disease.  Whether you are new or well on your way on the spiritual path of health,the goal of this consultation is to assist you with a practical blueprint toward healing and, mostly, toward the concept of “vibrant health” that goes well beyond the mere absence of symptoms.

PS: Before your health consultation, make sure you ask for a health evaluation form at the front desk as it will save time and enable Dr Papin to evaluate it before your appointment.

An example of Oriental medicine diagnosis and application

“The liver opens into the eyes says Oriental medicine.

Do you often suffer from red eyes or dry eyes ? Do you suffer from allergies that tend to make your eyes itchy, red and irritated? is the “white” of your eyes yellowish or murky? these constitute some basic diagnostic clues of a liver that is not functioning at its optimal level.

Liver is associated with “Wood or “Tree energy says Oriental medicine. What does this mean?

We know that one specificity of the plant world represented by trees is their nourishment through the process of photosynthesis and light as well as earth and water.

For a long time, it was thought that human beings differed from the plant world in that they were uniquely fed through the digestive process. In recent decades, it has been found, however,  that human beings, like plants, also depend on  “photosynthesis” and the processing of sunlight and its associated hormone/vitamin D.

Where is this hormone of sunlight synthesized and stored?…you guess it…in the liver!

What is the main sensory organ of photosynthesis? yes, the eyes, of course.

So you can see how the elegant and poetic natural approach of Oriental medicine harmoniously blends with modern research. The symptom of red eyes might indicate therefore a deficiency of vitamin D, a lack of exposure to sunlight or a congested toxic liver that inflames the tissue of our eyes.

The image of the Tree can guide us toward some basic remedies and foods. Chlorophyll responds to light in the vegetal world. Chlorophyll rich foods such as greens therefore are wonderful allies to restore our liver health. A green juice fast is, of course, the best tool to reset our liver abilities to detoxify and process light and vitamin D. After a weekly fast, all of our fasters have wonderfully clear and bright eyes.

Liver health also entails the emotional and spiritual component of the irrepressible aspiration and movement toward light. Emotionally, it means the basic human call toward growth and creativity. Spiritually, it means the same call toward spiritual evolution and growth and understanding of our basic divine nature. When repressed, that strong emotional and spiritual aspect might be thwarted  toward depression or anger.

The “Hun” is the name the ancient Daoists gave to the “spirit” of the liver. Vitamin D alone cannot constitute liver health although it is an integral part of it. Body, mind, emotions, nature and spirit are not and cannot be separated. The web of oneness is not just an image. It is literal and our health is woven into that wholeness.

The poetry of Oriental medicine therefore gently helps us reconnect with the web of life while providing us with simple and practical guidance.