The Tree of Life was founded by Gabriel Cousens, MD. MD(H) to support and inspire holistic lifestyle through education and experience. The center’s spiritual guidance, lifestyle education, and medical programs are complemented with panoramic mountain views and 100% organic, live-food that have drawn guests from over 100 countries since 1995.

The Tree of Life Center US exists to create an experience of spiritually awakened, sustainable, healthy living for the individual and the planet. We provide people of all faiths, religions, and spiritual paths a direct experience of what it means to live a quality of life that is healing on all levels – from the agricultural interests of our society, to personal and emotional health, and ultimately spiritual awareness.

Often called “the Tree”, we are primarily a spiritual center that functions as an Oasis for Awakening – committed to the healing and awakening of consciousness within the individual and the world community. We are committed to fully supporting you in making the necessary lifestyle changes that bring you in harmony with peace on all levels and ultimately realization of the Truth of who you are.

Our simple, organic, close-to-nature, ecological retreat is nestled on a 172-acre, sacred, high desert mesa in the pristine mountains of Patagonia, a rural art town in southern Arizona (sixty miles south of Tucson). The Tree as a spiritual center celebrates ecological living, holistic healing, vegan live-food nutrition, vegan organic gardening, whole person education, and a cross-cultural way of life.

For those who are ready to embrace transformation on all levels of Being, we offer the skills and inspiration to shift to a lifestyle of enduring radiant health and spiritual connection. This includes being in harmony with Nature, sacred relationships, right livelihood, wisdom, peace, joy, Love, fearlessness, and the Self, or Divine Presence.

Many who come to the Tree have found powerful ways to experience the peace of the Self. This transition requires that one let go into the experience of the simple, natural unfolding at the Tree of Life. Simplicity and modesty help minimize the outward distractions so that one can go inward to the Divine Self.

This delicate unfolding is spiritually inspired, guided, and supported by the Tree of Life and its Director, Rabbi Gabriel Cousens MD. The Six Foundations for Spiritual Life highlight a way of life that is cleansing and strengthens the subtle spiritual anatomies (“the vessels”) so one may hold the increased energy of the Light of the Self. To nurture this mystical journey of Whole Person Enlightenment, we offer the art and science of healing and awakening through a variety of programs that support you as you awaken to your highest expression of Self. Our programs are a unique transformational alchemy of ancient spiritual practices, modern holistic healing techniques, live-food nutritional protocols, rejuvenating detoxification sciences, educational programs, and organic environmental technologies.

The daily program includes gourmet, organic, Kosher, vegan, live-food cuisine created and prepared by our artistic chefs at the Tree of Life Café, along with instruction in Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine preparation, labyrinth walking, personal use of the mikvah, hiking, Yoga, and pranayama and devotional chanting. When present, Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD is the spiritual guide for sunset meditation, satsang (spiritual Q&A), Shaktipat initiation, and a shamanic Shabbat celebration.

The overall effect of the Tree of Life is to share the joyous experience of the “sattvic life,” a life that helps one turn inward to the non-causal bliss of the Infinite Self. By participating fully your awareness will be drawn inward to the Self, and your stay at the Tree of Life will bear fruit.

The Tree is much more than an innovative holistic health center. It is a spiritual sanctuary that supports you in discovering the indescribable “Truth of Who You Are.” The Tree of Life is fulfilling the deep yearning of all to live a quality of life that may be called “awakened normality” – a life filled with Divine inspiration and the Sevenfold Peace – peace with the body, mind, family, humanity, culture, living planet, and the Divine Presence. Through participation at the Tree of Life, one comes to know that such an existence is real and embodies the joy of living in this way, in turn uplifting the world around oneself. Come, join the Wild Dance of the Divine!