Cycles of Global Cooling and Warming – What Is Going On!

This is an in-depth article on the cycles of climate change. The intent for this extensive essay is to provide those that are ready with a deeper, science-based analysis on the issue. What Is Going On! There is overwhelming evidence that global warming has happened. The question addressed in this article is, in 2017 (after 58 peer reviewed papers were published in the first six months of the year clearly indicating that we’re no longer in a global warming cycle) is global warming still happening or does the science now suggest that we are moving into a cycle of global […]

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Protecting Our Minds – Feeling Our Souls

Protecting the mind is becoming one of the most important things we can do in the world to maintain our connection with our soul. Another way of thinking about it, as I teach in my Zero Point course, is that we are all born originals but almost everyone dies as a copy. The idea of spiritual life is to help people to become originals again. This is why the topic of protecting your mind is so important, because the world mass media is profoundly attempting to seduce and distract us into mental slavery through a persistent attempt to confuse and […]

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