The State Of Radiation In Our World – Update

The Fukushima radiation blowout is, as predicted, an unresolved world disaster. Essentially, it is the most major population disaster the world has ever faced. The radiation in Tokyo has levels higher than inside the Chernobyl exclusion (evacuation) zone. In other words, there are 35 million people in Tokyo and they are all living in a zone that should have been evacuated according to the Russian approach. Radiation 100 km (60 miles) from Fukushima, of Cesium 137 concentration in air filters in vehicles in Tokyo is more than 1000 times higher in terms of their concentration than at the peak of the weapons testing in 1963 with a whole slew of radioactive isotopes coming out including radioactive I-131, Cesium 137, Sulfur 35. In short, not only is Japan exposed to serious levels of radionuclides, but the whole earth is becoming contaminated. This is not a short-term problem. It is up to about 10,000 years worth of contamination. In a simple way, what we’re looking at is the potential structural breakdown and vulnerability of all nuclear plants around the world. It is a world wide consideration that needs to be addressed, not just at Fukushima.

We know there was an Earthquake recently in Virginia. Twelve nuclear plants in Virginia all the way to Michigan were temporarily shut down. The only country that seems to take this nuclear power plant issue seriously is Germany, which has a plan to shut down all its nuclear plants down within the next ten years. The external gamma radiation has been so high from the nuclear plant radiation in Fukushima the counter literally went off the scale. The famous physicist Busby told Japanese people radioactive air contamination is now 300 times higher than Chernobyl and 1000x higher than atomic bomb peak in 1963. It is an unfortunate no-brainer to understand that Fukushima disaster will ultimately cause millions, perhaps hundreds of millions deaths. In 25 years after Chernobyl, one million died directly of that exposure. This increased deaths from Fukushima are happening all over the world and will include the United States and Canada—not just the West Coast. Dr. Ganett Sherman, a physician and acknowledged expert in radiation exposure has reported in North East United States a spike in 35% increase in baby deaths since Fukushima in the area. This is in alignment with Chernobyl patterns. This disastrous result that we’re talking about may result in a significant world depopulation. According to Helen Caldicott, MD, one of the world experts on radiation, WHO has been subservient to the nuclear industry since May 28, 1959 when at the world health assembly, WHO drafted an agreement with international atomic energy agency IAEA granting the right of prior approval over any research it may undertake under IAEA. These people are supposedly neutral watch dogs, but she points out that WHO is in defacto an advocate for nuclear power industries. Gunderson noted that over 1000 REMS were released according to TEPCO (Japanese system), an amount that if there were direct exposure would mean death within a couple of days. These kinds of exposures result in a significant neurological breakdown and it’s really sad. The research on children in Japan, studied over 1500 kids showed approximately 46 had radioactive iodine in their thyroids since Fukushima. We understand for children that their sensitivity and sickness rates are about 10x greater than those for adults. In the midst of this nuclear plant disaster, President Obama instead of allocating money to the solar industry which he’s canceled, he allocated59 billion dollars to US nuclear power industry. This is an industry that human rights defender Dr. Helen Caldicott has called “nuclear insanity” and “destroyer of the worlds.” I am deeply concerned that the President has sold out explicitly to nuclear regulatory agencies as a source of power, rather than looking to solar, wind and fuel cells, which are safe and effective sources of power.

As I write now, in the Northern Hemisphere (which is where we live), the amount of radioactive Cesium 137 that’s leaked from Fukushima is equal to 168 atomic bombs dropped in Hiroshima, and equivalent to one nuclear weapon a day since the beginning of this disaster. Dr. Chris Busby, well known world radiation expert, tells us that with his sophisticated equipment, there were areas in Tokyo that were 1000 times higher, than the exclusion zone (evacuation zone) in Chernobyl. The report also said radiation damage from Fukushima was at least 15,000 terrabecquerels of Cesium 137. It decays and of course it causes cancer. For perspective, that is significant as compared to 89 terrabecquerels released by the US uranium bombs in Hiroshima.

Time is running out for Tokyo, with its 35 million people. People are predicting that in a year or two all of Northern Japan will become uninhabitable because there is no way to stop the process once sufficient materials work their way down into the earth and the water table, which they’ve already started to do. In a cover up response to this situation, Japan raised exposure level for adults and children twenty fold. It has increased from one millisieverts to 20 millisieverts. Twenty millisieverts matches maximum allowable exposure for nuclear industry workers. Some say areas surrounding all of Japan could become uninhabitable for decades. It’s a gentle way of saying the nuclear lobby could prove to be the undoing of the human race. No more money should be given to nuclear plant expansion except to shut down plants as soon as possible. What we’re looking at is the north of Japan is badly polluted, as is our northern hemisphere, and after time the south hemisphere will be too. The surrounding environment and upper atmosphere are contaminated with large doses of radioactive activity.

Worse than cesium, plutonium was found more than one mile away from nuclear reactors, which suggests the plutonium containment plans failed. Plutonium is incredibly dangerous. What we’re looking at unfortunately is that people are dying, and that these deaths are going unreported as linked to Fukushima, but that we’re already seeing deaths and serious health and mental health issues related problems that be attributed to the radiation. We have to understand that besides these immediate deaths, radioactive destruction works over time.

The hardcore reality is a potential 30 year matter does not go away in a few months. The only solution to this is on an ongoing basis to use our radiation program, which I have already outlined in previous blogs. With one additional clarification if one is planning on this long-term, one should take a 14-day rest from the Clinoptolit every six weeks. We have now added one new component, an anti-radiation shower filter, which is now available at the Tree of Life store.

Blessings to your health and well being,

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Doing our best to keep you alive and awake.