Fukushima Is Worse Than Chernobyl

The Fukushima crisis continues to worsen beyond even Dr. Helen Caldicott’s comment, “It’s worse than Chernobyl.” To generalize the big picture, the Japanese government has not been able to stop the biggest radiation leak the world has ever seen. To make matters worse, they alternate between denial and admitting the bare essential facts; (a little bit more than the US government is doing). This is a serious problem because without adequate and honest information the Japanese, American, and global public are severely limited in understanding the seriousness of the situation. They are thusly unmotivated and are not empowered to protect themselves. The reason I write this blog is because people need to know that this is not a crisis that is going to go away next month or even next year. For reasonable protection we would do well to follow very seriously my radiation crisis protocol for at least the next year.

On May 13th Japan finally released an aerial map, developed with the US Energy Commission, showing radioactive contamination at very high levels outside their initial 20 kilometer exclusion up to 80 kilometers. In other words, serious radiation contamination covered an area nearly 4 times greater than was originally admitted. Disturbing as it is, they haven’t evacuated the adults or the children in these high radiation areas. This is a crime against humanity, and this won’t come to public awareness until we see the increased cancer rates and decreased longevity of these people at least 20 years from now. The children inside the radiation zone of 80 km are being kept inside because their playgrounds are too radioactive. These children should be out of the zone entirely.

What we know at this point is that Japanese authorities have admitted 3 of the reactors have melted down. Reactor number 4 is seriously damaged and actually may completely fall over, which will create another level of lethal toxicity for the world. At least two of the nuclear spent fuel ponds are partially blown up and/or leaking. With all this happening they have now admitted that radiation levels from Fukushima are higher than Chernobyl.

In response to this catastrophe there has been some positive thoughtfulness. On May 10th, Japanese Prime Minister Natokan appears to have cancelled plans to build 14 new nuclear reactors. Another piece of good news is that Japan has closed their most dangerous nuclear reactor plant – the Hamaoka nuclear reactor station. This plant was also built on a fault. It would be nice if the United States would follow in these sage actions. Some of the US reactors are also built on faults, and we no longer have a “no fault” situation. This includes the nuclear power plants San Onfre and Diablo Canyon in California, which are on earthquake lines as well with the ocean not too far away. Japan has made some really some good choices in retrospect and is really committing itself toward sustainability, rather than toward nuclear power in the future. It would be nice, again, if the US would follow the obvious, logical, preventative medicine, ethical, and humanitarian approaches for the protection of its population. India also has denied a proposal for four 1,000 Megawatt plants on the Bay of Bengal and has refused to give these plants a license. Germany has committed itself to shut down all its nuclear reactors by 2020. Other countries are in various levels of considering change. People are listening around the world; the transformation into the Culture of Life is happening. But this is a hard way to learn.

As just mentioned, although minimized or unpublished in the US news, Fukushima nuclear plants 1, 2, 3, and 4 have gone through some form of meltdown. This includes several nuclear pools for spent fuel rods having burned out. They are nowhere near controlling the radiation leak. This furthers our concern as we are far from beyond the acute phase of this situation. We are even ready to talk about the next 20-30 years of recovery. A small part of the acute phase, which is not hitting the news, is that a major area of sewer systems are contaminated with radioactive water, and Japan uses these sewage systems sludge to make cement. They are continuing to sell this radioactive cement. It is amazing how unaware people are and how fixated they are on making money. There are 62 sewage treatment plants in the Fukushima prefecture, and when this sewage was tested they found high amounts of radioactive cesium in all but one. The news is not about the sewage plants, but there is still much need for a transformation in thinking to happen away from the culture of death paradigm.

Why aren’t the people being evacuated? Why aren’t the governments warning people to protect themselves? Why are the Fukushima reactors, which are still actively leaking radiation, not being covered with tons of zeolite and cement as was done in Chernobyl, Russia? It is a little unbelievable. So we’re concerned about the consequences of this denial. This situation is far from over. It is worsening. The bottom line is that we as responsible people have to urge people to not interpret the absence of information as anything other than denial. Most importantly, please continue the protocol I have outlined to protect you and your families. It will give a major level of protection and safety. I will do my best to inform you when to ease up, but it will not be for while.

Blessing to your love and health,

Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H)