Be Like Water

Water has some very interesting qualities. Water is a teacher from nature about liberation. One of these qualities is that it can flow anywhere. Water, like consciousness moves wherever there is an opening. That is a quality of liberation. We call it hitpashtut (the ability to move in any direction). Another quality that water has is that it is multi- dimensional.

It resonates with the multi-dimensional universes. Research on water goes back a long time. I remember when I was working with Marcel Vogel who had developed a way to measure the frequency of water. We would project thought forms into the water, like love, and it would measurably change the frequency of the water. This shows us that water has the ability to hold the multi-dimensional levels, which is another quality we see in liberation. This is the ability to walk between the Bli’ Mah (the nothing) and the Mah (the something, the physical plane). The whole idea is to be able to hold all those planes at once. Water has that quality. It has the ability to resonate with all of the dimensions. This is also a human quality – a liberated quality. However, the way that we live –in the context that we live in, we tend to shut down that quality (of being multi-dimensional). So we must ask, how do we expand that ability –this quality of water that we were meant to be?

Another quality that water has is that it can take on the frequency of its location. It patterns the frequency and plays it back. Research coming out of Japan shows us that water crystallizes according to the predominant frequency of where it was. If it was in the city you would get a different picture than if it was in the mountains, for example. As we play in the world (in terms of enlightenment) we are able to play back (reflect back) the different frequencies that are going on.

Another aspect of water is that it is essential for life. We may not think that liberation is essential for life, but liberation is the ultimate truth of who we are. The spark of God in us is the ultimate truth. Water is as essential for our physical life as spirit is for our spiritual life. Water has that quality that is mirrored in us. We are born 70- 75% water. If we aren’t paying attention we dehydrate down to 55-60% water and our brains shrink (like prunes). This is why it is very important to hydrate.

Water gives us life as spirit brings us life. All of creation has water in it – even the rocks. When we begin to resonate with the water, it is part of all of creation. Nothing living can exist without water in the same way that nothing living can exist without spirit. Water is as an essential part of our nutrition as physical beings as spirit is an essential part of our nutrition as spiritual beings. We cannot live without it. Our ability to assimilate it is very, very important.

What distinguishes the Light from the Dark is that the dark occult has lost its ability to create life force (nefesh, prana, or chi) for itself; therefore it desires to steal it from others. This perverts one’s whole relationship with everyone surrounding them. In order to get enough nefesh then one needs to enslave the surrounding population. By contrast, people of the Light know how to access (haven’t lost the ability to access) the life force (nefesh, chi, or prana) within from the Creator. Water also has the ability to draw the life force. Water (such as the first ten feet from a natural spring) is very high in nefesh, chi, or prana. In my book Spiritual Nutrition I explain ways to energize water so that the water we drink is filled with the highest level of energy, so that it can bring energy into us (communicating its multi-dimensions with our multi-dimensions). By this, water becomes another way of talking about the cosmic consciousness (or ocean of consciousness). It really is an ocean of consciousness. When we realize that we are 70% water we are also the ocean of consciousness. When we understand that we are primarily water, and that we literally contain all of those qualities of consciousness, and if we were to really respect and live in harmony with water (remember, it feeds back frequencies to us) we can then take in and elevate water to a higher frequency and resonate and upgrade all of the water on the planet.

When we are thinking in these terms we are no longer stewards of the planet. Rather, we are the living planet, (which is also 70% water). Our blood is the blood of the planet, which is resonating with it; and it is our natural state to want to purify the water just as we want to take care of and to purify the water of our own bodies. It is us. So as we come into proper relationship with water as the blood of the earth resonating with the blood in our own bodies, we’re in an essential state of oneness. We are naturally then living in a way that minimizes pollution of the water and to improve the energetics on the planet. When we put all of that together we understand that, yes, we are one with the living planet, and, yes, the water in us reflects the cosmic wisdom and how important it is to nurture that water to it’s highest potential within us.

May we all be blessed with the ability to create the highest frequency of water within ourselves and therefore elevate our consciousness. Amen.