Gabriel’s Vision

In a world of chaos and confusion, is a sincere and authentic effort to be a steady place of cutting through the confusion in a way that supports people elevate their understanding and evolvement in every aspect of their lives all the way to liberation.

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Victorious Over Senate Bill 3002 (DSSA) As Introduced by John McCain

Victorious over Senate Bill 3002 (DSSA) as introduced by John McCain   Dear Friends,   I want to personally thank each and every one of you for responding to our newsletter regarding McCain’s DSSA (Senate Bill 3002). For those thousands of you on our mailing list who wrote your senators and John McCain, you were part of a flood of over 400,000 letters from all over the country that poured into the Senate’s offices.   Please recognize that it was your peaceful action that made a difference!   According to Washington insiders, Senator McCain will no longer support his own […]

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Organic Food Supply Threatened By Gene Manipulated Organisms From Monsanto

Organic Food Supply Threatened By Gene Manipulated Organisms From Monsanto Dear Friends, In 2006, the Center for Food Safety sued the USDA for illegally approving genetically modified (“GM”) alfalfa.  Federal courts agreed and banned GM alfalfa until the USDA could provide an Environmental Impact Statement.  The USDA submitted a draft in December of 2009 admitting that GM contamination of non-GM and organic alfalfa crops is certain to occur; that GM contamination will economically impact small and family farmers; that foreign export markets will be at risk due to rejection of GM-contaminated products; and that farmers will be forced to use […]

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