Attention & Intention


We relate to our worlds through attention and intention. Attention is how we relate to our respective circumstances. Attention also means being part of the cycle of the Earth, Sun, Moon, and, in part, it relates to your own mind. Unfortunately, today, many people are not particularly paying proper attention to their lives, to their life cycles, to their meaning, how they eat, think, and live, and the result of this lack of attention is chaos. This happens if we don’t pay attention to what we’re letting into our minds, and to how we are living, and to creating holiness in each action, if we aren’t living in a way that tunes us in.

The Six Foundations help us to tune in to the Divine, which means increased sensitivity to all of creation. This includes: 1) spiritual nutrition and fasting; 2) building life force, chi, or prana; and 3) service and charity, where we are opening our heart to the world around us. (This contrasts the closing of hearts that we also see happening in the world.) 4) Are we meditating? Are we praying? 5) Are we working with spiritual teachers that support our unfoldment? 6) Are we putting ourselves in situations where we are with people of increased spiritual intensity?

If we’re not paying attention, none of those things particularly matter, and we move more and more into the chaos and more and more into being slaves to our social imprints rather than masters of our situations. First, comes attention. Where are we in our lives? What is life about?

Intention is organizing ourselves in alignment with the Divine to fulfill our life purpose. We each have a different life purpose. In yoga, we call this one’s dharma. Are we creating an intention to move into dharma and to become masters of our life situations – masters of our lives? That intention focuses the energy. Many athletes know about this and do visualizations of themselves winning the gold medal, etc. This is not so esoteric. It is the way to optimize mastery. It is paying attention to how you are living and what you are letting into your consciousness, and the quality of your life. Are you living in alignment with the greater picture of life, of the greater picture of the society, and of the planet?

The intention is the internal, spiritual will power that focuses our energy so that we can build our destinies. Everyone has a destiny and there is a spiral of time. Are we fulfilling it at the highest level of that spiral or at the lowest level? Everyone has a soul. Everyone has a spark of God. Are we intending in our life to turn that spark into a flame of awareness, or is this something we are unconscious of?

Attention and intention are key ways of interfacing with our own life so that can optimize the full meaning of our life. May everyone be blessed that we are able to pay attention, and, with that attention, act with intention to reach the highest octave.