The Tree of Life Center US spreads across 180 acres of land, nestled within the pristine natural setting of the Mountain Empire of Patagonia. Our lodging is intentionally simple to inspire a profound inward journey for our guests. There are three on-site accommodation locations: the Eco Casitas, the Garden House and the Orchard House.

Included in Program Price

Included in the program rates are EcoCasitas and the Orchard House. For those that prefer more privacy, EcoCasitas Plus and Garden House, are available for an additional fee. See “Lodging Upgrades” listed below.

Special Note:

On-site accommodations can become full, especially during the 21-day Transformation and Diabetes Recovery Program. As a result, guests have the option to stay off-site and receive a $50/day credit. Off-site housing is very close and despite not being on-site, many guests still feel apart of the Tree community.


The Eco Casitas are rustic yet bright and clean rooms surrounding a Spanish-style courtyard with beautiful views of the panoramic Patagonia Mountains and Mount Wrightson. The casitas were ecologically and sustain ably built using straw bale. There are eight single occupancy rooms that are equipped with natural latex beds, a wardrobe and a dresser. The eight casitas share four bathrooms with stand in showers and are only a few steps from the rooms. A simple outdoor kitchen station offers refrigeration and tea next to a shaded sitting area. It is a friendly, open, and communal atmosphere. Two infrared saunas border the courtyard. Each room has a ceiling fan. Due to our high elevation, nights in Patagonia are comfortable even during the hot months – night temperatures average about 65 degrees during the summer. To ensure a quiet, contemplative stay for our guests, these rooms do not have evaporative cooling or air conditioning. The Eco Casitas are just a short walk away from our café, wheatgrass station, hot tubs and sundecks. They’re about a 10 minute walk to the meditation temple and labyrinth and a 15 minute walk to the Oasis. The Eco Casitas are about a 20 minute walk from the food production gardens and the Unity Room which hosts yoga, dance and Qi Gong classes.


Orchard House

The Orchard House offers accommodations in a house setting, with a large porch and majestic view of the beautiful Red Mountain. Here we offer four guest rooms, a shared living room, kitchen (no stove) and a laundry room. The Orchard House is cooled with evaporative coolers. Rooms in the Orchard House are equipped with two twin size natural latex beds and a shared wardrobe and dresser. Two bathrooms are shared with other guests. The Orchard House is right next to the Oasis. It’s a 5 minute walk from the Unity Room, which hosts yoga and other movement classes, and the food production garden. It is a 15 minute walk up to the café, wheatgrass station, sundecks, and hot tubs, and a 20 minute walk to the meditation temple and labyrinth. Double occupancy is available with a roommate of the same gender (unless attending with family or friend who wish to share a room). A shared room discount is available.


Upgrades – Program Price Plus Additional Fee

Eco Casitas Plus

The Eco Casitas have two additional rooms, each with a queen bed and private bathroom: $45 per night single or double occupancy.

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Garden House

The Garden House is close to the Unity Room where yoga and Qi Gong classes are held. It has two guest rooms, each with a queen bed and its own full bathroom, as well as a shared living room, kitchen, and laundry room. The bathrooms have standing showers, not full bathtubs. The Garden House is cooled with evaporative coolers. The Garden House is located a short 5 minute walk from the Oasis. It’s about a 20 minute walk to the meditation temple and labyrinth, and 15 minute walk to the café, wheatgrass station, infrared sauna, hot tubs, and sundecks. Garden House Room 1 with a private bathroom: $85 extra per night – single or double occupancy. Garden House Room 2 with a private bathroom: $100 extra per night – single or double occupancy. Room 2 is larger than Room 1 and therefore has a higher rate.

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Off-Site Housing

Guests may also stay off-site at one of the local bed and breakfasts or guest houses. Patagonia is a small mountain town with only one main street and no traffic lights. Partner locations are only few minutes driving distance away from the Tree of Life campus.

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Our Environment

We are committed to creating and maintaining a natural environment for our guests. This means we do not use pesticides and herbicides anywhere on our grounds. As a result, during certain seasonal conditions we have a number of insects. Every step possible is taken to ensure a quality guest experience by using natural repellants, essential oils, tightly fitted window screens and screen doors. Our housekeeping staff and maintenance crew work around the clock to keep the rooms clean and the grounds tidy. Our guest services department is happy to address any issues you may have as they arise. Our well water is pumped using solar energy. The drinking water is filtered through a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification system and minerals are provided to add to the water. All guest rooms are cleaned daily with all-natural, chemical-free products. We do not offer in-room phones, TV, or stereo. This is intentional, to facilitate a feeling of complete retreat. We do not have wireless internet available at any of the three accommodation locations. Internet is available at the Oasis.

Tree of Life Map

Pictures of Housing

  • Accommodations

  • Garden House – Upgrade

    • 2 Guest Rooms with Queen Bed and Full Private Bath
    • Shared Living Room, Kitchen, Laundry Room and Infrared Sauna
    • Garden House Room 1: $85/night Additional Cost, Single or Double Occupancy
    • Garden House Room 2 (larger): $100/night Additional Cost – Single or Double Occupancy
  • Ecocasitas Plus – Upgrade

    • 2 Additional Rooms, each with a Queen Bed and Private Bath
    • $45/night Additional Cost
  • Orchard House – Included

    • 4 Guest Rooms w/ Twin Beds
    • Shared Living Room
    • Kitchen (no stove)
    • Laundry Room
    • 15 minute walk to cafe, wheatgrass, hot tubs and sundecks
  • Ecocasitas – Included

    • 8 Single Occupancy Rooms
    • 4 Shared Bathrooms
    • Outdoor Kitchen Area
    • 2 Infrared Saunas
    • Short walk to cafe, wheatgrass, hot tubs and sundecks