7-Fold Peace

Peace is mysterious because so few people in the world are able to create inner peace. Inner peace is the pearl of great price. This inner peace is what life is about.

The seven-fold peace includes:

1) Peace with the Body: health.

2) A Peaceful Mind is a quiet mind, and is one of the great gifts of spiritual life.

3) Peace with the Family, including all relationships. One of the great teachings is that when there is peace in the family, it spreads throughout the world. There was a very interesting study, called the Pioneer Study conducted from 1930-1940, which showed that when the family was healthy the children’s health on all levels improved at school. This showed that it is the health of the family, not the health of the individual, that is the measure of peace and health. This is often lost in our world today. We see a breakdown of families associated with not understanding the natural flow of what family life is.

4) The next level is Peace with the Community, where people connect in a larger way as the multi-level interactive expression of community. It is the awakened use of politics for the upliftment of humanity.

5) Peace with All Cultures includes human cultures but also peace with the rock people, the sprouting ones of the plant world, and the animals, and the whole living ecology. This is when all of our actions uplift the network of life. The translation of the Torah teaching to have dominion over the earth is not to be interpreted as domination, where you destroy other cultures for the sake of making money or for the sake of war.

Dominion means that we are taking care all cultures and being in right relationship with all cultures. We are not sacrificing it for our egotistic needs. Some have interpreted this text as domination instead of dominion. The role of humans is to improve the ecology by bringing it into unity.

6) Peace with the Ecology. Everything has the spark of the Divine in it, including and living planet. Peace with the Ecology means living in a way that sanctifies and creates the sacred ecology. It is living in alignment with divine laws and the natural laws.

7) Peace with God: Peace with God is what I call the 1 in front of all of the zeros. It’s what gives meaning to everything. Without that, there is no real peace. There is no at-one- ness. If the one in front of the zeros isn’t there, nothing else holds together within the seven-fold peace.

Key to Peace with God is the internal peace. It is the inner peace that allows you to dance in all seven of these levels of peace simultaneously. Fundamentally, you cannot be at peace with God if you are not at peace with yourself. If the other levels of peace are not in alignment, then you are not quite enough to be able to have the direct experience. When your mind or your body is too agitated, it is very difficult to have the direct, meaningful experience of the Truth.

When I say direct experience, I do not mean simply a little bit, but all the time. The more that we are able to hold that light, the more that we are able to be in this continual experience because there is an emptiness. With inner emptiness, the light of the Divine can flow through us, and we are really at peace and everything we do on all of those seven levels is a reflection of the inner peace.

The idea of political peace that is not truly in alignment with the Sevenfold Peace is never truly peace. The only way that there is real peace, and will be real peace in the world is what the prophet Jeremiah talked about in Jeremiah 31:33 when he said “The Lord declares, ‘I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts’.” All of the ways that people are hurting each other today in all of the different societies will fade away because there is and never was a need to be hurtful. Everyone will have the inner peace and it will express as outer peace.

The most important part is to be empty so that we can be aligned with the will of the Divine. It is this emptiness that allows us to feel the will of God in our lives and ultimately to be the will of God.

May everyone be blessed with this peace,

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD