Order From Chaos pt. 1

Order From Chaos

How do we begin to make order out of the apparent chaos we see in the world all around us today? How do we even begin to integrate what’s happening? In a global society producing chaos and disorder, we have to start with ourselves. It is most impressive how people lose touch with their souls. Your soul is your gateway to the Divine, to Divine Will, and, ultimately, to the Divine order in the world. However, people are so painfully disconnected for their soul, that they will do anything to feel alive again. The real issue is how to truly […]

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Essenes Week 9: The Noon Communions of The Sevenfold Peace

The following Communions are prayers you may say or contemplate each day of the week at mid-day to connect with the Essene energy of the Sevenfold Peace. SATURDAY: Peace with Radiance of the Universe If I say that Adonai Dwelleth within me, then are the heavens ashamed; If I say that Adonai Dwelleth outside of me, it is a falsehood. The eye which scanneth the far horizon and the eye which seeth my heart is one eye. Adonai is not manifest. Adonai is not hidden. Adonai is neither revealed, nor unrevealed. There are no words to tell that which Adonai, […]

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