101 of Aromatherapy

By Shanti Cousens

Essential oils is the essence of living plants on our planet. Essential oils and plants are the vibration of the same living life force energy. With Essential oils being highly concentrated energies, we could say they are the essence of the spirit in the plant kingdom.

The frequencies are stronger when grown organic, wildcrafted and with consciousness. With raw foods we eat the plants, with essential oils, we usually distill the plants. Essential oils are about 25 times stronger. This is why the Light force is even more magnified through the synergy of several different oils together. I believe the strength and power of nature is carried through the oils. One may feel that their fragrances are like messengers of positivity and love. We activate the foods into our spirits by blessings before and after our meals. With essential oils we amplify the Light by using positive thoughts or healing mantras in making of a blend.

The way the essential oils are concentrated and their properties of not spoiling is a great treasure in these times, as food may be polluted or unavailable. Unlike foods, if you have the magic little bottles of oils they will survive years. It is interesting when added to food; the oils intensify the strength and vibration. Essential oil are very versatile. They can be taken internally or topically. They increase all levels of being, body, emotions, and spiritually back to our source.

In this physical world of existence all things flow together for the whole. There are seven ways that essential oils support us as the essence of living foods bring us into wholeness:

  1. Anti-microbials

Essential oils have been used medicinally to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses by Hebrews, and Egyptians, dating back 5,000 years ago. As more is researched, the increasingly important role of Essential oils in combating new mutations of bacteria, fungi and viruses is being serious studied. At Brigham Young University they indicate that most viruses, fungi and bacteria cannot live in the presence of many Essential oils; especially those high in phenols; such as; clove and oregano and terpenes; for example, pine and bergamot.

  1. As Balancers of Bodily Functions

For every body ailment there is a practical, perhaps, magical blend.

Respiratory- Eucalyptus radiate and Tea Tree should be rubbed on top feet.

Digestion- use peppermint on the stomach and 1 drop on the tongue.

Circulation- to help normal circulation and help overcome fluid retention, use juniper and cajut.

Liver- sandalwood and goldenrod help the bladder. All these help the physical body in maintaining great health.

  1. As Raisers of our Bodily Frequencies

The frequencies of Essential oils are between 52-320 mkz (junk food contains 0). Essential oils are the highest frequencies of all known substances. At the top is Rose oil at 320 mkz. When we make a synergy of 3 Essential oils they create a great healing vibration, not only to the body, but to the whole vibration of the person.

  1. As Antioxidants that Purify and Heal our System

Clove, thyme, oregano have an antioxidant rating up to ten times higher than the highest antioxidant food. The higher amount of antioxidants in the system the less free radical damage, which in turn helps all the organs and boosts the immune system.

  1. As Cleaners of Emotional Baggage

Emotional, mental, and spiritual health is influenced by the centers of the brain where aromas penetrate and affect. Essential oils are extremely powerful. They contain small enough molecules to pass through the blood and brain barrier. When you breathe oil molecules into the back of your nose, they go straight to the brain and into the amygdala which is a strong storage system for all your emotional experiences. The amygdala doesn’t understand words, or language. It responds only to smell. Hence the essential oils provide a powerful means to affect that portion of our brain that activates feelings and emotions. Basic emotions can not exist in the higher frequencies of the aroma oils.

  1. As Oxygenators of Body and Brain Tissue

We know that the more oxygen in the body, the greater the general health; cancer cannot live in high oxygen concentration level. So using brain stimulates such as rosemary, peppermint and basil, can increase the oxygen to the brain as well as rejuvenation of brain functions.

  1. As Uplifters of Spiritual Awareness

Essential oils activate the sense of higher well-being. Thus they make it easier to connect to the divine flow of consciousness. Essential oils are carriers of Light, and activates intention. Essential oils are part of the wisdom revealed through the ages, and most traditions. We can use the Essential oils to transcend the worldly desires and to open ourselves up to what is…

I have explained in this thesis how Essential oils activate the Light within. In this way they help turn us into superconductors of the Light. Because of this I consider Essential oils a power supporter of spiritual life.