The Tree Of Life gardens encompass three acres in Patagonia, AZ in the Northern edge of the Sonoran desert at 4,000 ft. in elevation. We use sustainable veganic gardening methods, including effective microorganisms (EM), humic acids, seaweed extract, sea-crop ocean water concentrate, mycorrhizal fungi innoculant, composting, and cover crops. Our gardens provide the Café with year-round harvests of veggies and greens. The mesa and valley growing spaces include fields, gardens, greenhouses, caterpillar tunnels, cold frames, nurseries, domes, and shade structures. Temperatures consistently drop below freezing during the winter and can rise above 100 degrees in the summer. Our gardens receive generous sunlight and warmth and 12 to 18 inches of rain per year, with the highest rainfall occurring during the summer monsoon season.

The Sprout House, located on the mesa across from the café, is where we grow our most nutrient-dense live food.  One-hundred percent of the sprouts served at the Tree of Life, nearly 15 pounds a day, are grown in the Sprout House for immediate use in the café.  It does not get any more fresh and local than that!  We also provide unlimited wheat grass for our guests and staff for round the clock self-serve juicing, ensuring the freshest and healthiest wheat grass juice possible.

Sprout house

Sprouting is regarded as a simple and delicious way to deliver easily digestible, bio-available nutrients.  It is a process into which we put much consideration and care.  First, the seeds are thoroughly rinsed and then go through a 3-stage soaking process.  After draining, some seeds are planted the following day, and some are put into a jar sprouting cycle.  For those which are planted, we use composted soil that we maintain on site.  All of the left-overs from the sprouting process are put back into the soil via our compost.  We maintain an almost entirely closed-loop system, adding only regular infusions of EM (effective microorganisms) and occasional additional supplements when needed.  Each day, sprouts are attended to by staff, who water, rinse and otherwise tend to these vibrant plants. Jars and planted trays are labeled with positive intentions and are kept in our temperature-controlled greenhouse nursery and incubator room.  When harvested, sprouts are bathed in a 3% hydrogen pyroxide and water solution before being delivered to the live food café for consumption within 24 hours.