The Whole Person Health Evaluation is both the primary program for those who want to reach and/or enhance their optimal potential for health, wellbeing, longevity, and spiritual awareness, as well as for those with specific chronic health challenges. This evaluation provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your current level of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and a natural, individualized pathway to reach your optimal wellbeing, as well as a way to reverse any chronic disease you may have. This holistic evaluation includes looking at all levels of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that need to be addressed to reach your highest level of wellbeing.

For 45 years, Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), ND(hc), DD (Doctor of Divinity), Dip. Ayurveda, Dip. American Board of Holistic Integrative Medicine, Rabbi, acknowledged Yogi, and Native American Sundancer, has been integrating the best of the different healing traditions to give his clients a fully multi-disciplined, multi-cultural approach to holistic medicine, psychiatry, and family and couple dynamics, in addition to his experience as an internationally recognized spiritual teacher. He specializes not only in helping people reach their highest octave of wellbeing, but also in reversing all types of chronic diseases, including Pre-Diabetes, Type-2 Diabetes, and “the Broken Brain”. Healing “the Broken Brain” includes reversing anxiety, depression, “brain fog”, memory loss, decreased cognition, alertness, concentration, and focus. His best-selling books There Is a Cure for Diabetes and Depression Free for Life detail some of his methodology and remarkable successes.

Because his Whole Person Health Evaluation provides a sensitive pre-clinical imbalance analysis, Dr. Cousens minimizes an emphasis on blood testing, which primarily yields data on blood biochemistry, rather than our intracellular and mitochondrial status, which are the real keys to holistic healing and optimal health. Instead, he uses a series of subtle testing he’s developed over the course of his 45-year practice, focusing primarily on intercellular and mitochondrial biochemistry, which yield data more relevant to pre-clinical considerations and one’s unique pathway to optimal health than does gross blood testing.

The Whole Person Health Evaluation serves as a way of accessing Dr. Cousens’ 45 years of healing and health experience and wisdom, so that clients can make their best health choices and informed medical decisions. He offers sophisticated lifestyle advise and coaching based upon his multi-discipline and multi-cultural background expertise as a holistic physician and psychiatrist, family/couple therapist, and acknowledged spiritual teacher.

A Message from Dr. Cousens:

WPH-Landing-Page-Image“The Whole Person Healing Program at the Tree of Life is a special offering for those who have chosen to make a serious commitment to their total evolution. It is not merely a one-time visit to access one’s physical state, mineral status, vitamin status, or the condition of one’s organs, (all of which are measured). It is a major commitment to take oneself to a whole new level of quality of life. The program is a minimum of a two-year effort to reach and stabilize on this new level of optimal whole person health and spiritual awareness. In entering this program, you must have a strong intent to reach your highest potential, grounded in the financial, emotional, and spiritual commitment to sustain yourself on every level and take the full opportunity this program has for you. It asks you to love yourself enough to want to heal yourself. If you don’t feel that you are ready to do this financially, emotionally, and spiritually, then my advice is to wait until you are ready. To enter this program without strength in all these areas is to undermine yourself and the power of the program.” 

Blessings to your health and spiritual wellbeing, 

Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), DD, ND(hc), Dip. Ayurveda, Dip. American Board of Holistic Integrative Medicine, Rabbi, Acknowledged Yogi, and Native American Sundancer

Price Estimates:

    • Whole Person Health Evaluation is typically around 2.5 hours in length and may be longer or shorter depending on individual needs. A deposit of $750 is necessary to book your appointment.
    • Testing Dr. Cousens may recommend a variety of medical tests prior to your arrival. Often, additional testing done at the Tree of Life, is required. Testing protocol is done on a case by case basis.
    • Supplements will vary based on individual recommendations by Dr. Cousens.  We are consistently encouraged by the success of those individuals who follow Dr. Cousens’ holistic medical advice. Dr. Cousens’ complete holistic approach works with all the body’s systems simultaneously to uplift all systems in as short a time as possible through synergy. Dr. Cousens’ approach is whole person focused in contrast to an allopathic approach, which treats only symptoms.

We ask that you complete an extensive Individualized Health Inventory prior to your consultation. Part of the Inventory involves consideration of one’s Ayurvedic doshas. This information is discussed during the consultation as it pertains to one’s individualized health plan.  An extensive medical history, physical exam, and O-Ring testing are included in the Whole Person Healing program. O-Ring testing is a peer-reviewed, journal-reported method of testing.

Expectations for healing and results may vary. While speedy reversal of health conditions is always desirable, it may take years of conscientious and consistent holistic lifestyle choices to build your wellness. Patience and perseverance are helpful qualities to develop along your healing journey.

Additional Information:

(Please note that to keep an active file you must have at least one additional follow up appointment with Dr. Cousens within 2 years of your initial Whole Person Health Evaluation. Once a file becomes inactive, the patient must schedule another Whole Person Health Evaluation to renew their patient status.)

Dr. Cousens now sees patients both here at his Patagonia office and at a distance via Skype. While it’s always ideal to do an evaluation with Dr. Cousens in person, we understand that time away from work and travel to Patagonia, Arizona can present a challenge, and so Dr. Cousens has expanded his offerings to include video consultations. Not everyone qualifies for a video consultation. This service is dependent upon an individual’s health condition and must be approved by Dr. Cousens. If you are interested in a video consultation, please notify us on your Health Intake Form.

If you are travelling to Dr. Cousens’ holistic medical office in Patagonia, you’ll want to fly into Tucson International Airport. Patagonia, Arizona is located about an hour from Tucson. You can rent a car at the airport, or you can hire a shuttle to drive you to Patagonia. To arrange shuttle service, visit

Please note that Tree of Life no longer provides guest accommodations of any kind. If you need to stay the night in Patagonia, we recommend the Stage Stop Inn. The Stage Stop Inn provides clean, economical accommodations, and they’re walking distance from our office. To make reservations, visit

Depending on seasonal availability, fresh, organic, plant-source boxed lunches or three-meal food boxes from the Tree of Life Food Hub may be available for purchase at the Front Desk. Please inquire and reserve in advance of your in-office appointment.

Starting the Process

In order to become an established patient with Dr. Cousens, you will need to fill out and submit our Health Intake Form.

Have Questions?

Once received, Dr Cousens will review and determine what is the best approach for your health and healing.  One of our staff will then contact you to discuss.  Please fill out the form below with any questions. You may also email or call us at 520-394-2520 

ON-SITE accommodations are no longer available at the Tree of Life and are not included with the program price.

Please visit for all local lodging options.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (520) 394-2520 or

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