The Six Foundations are a simple way for us to be present with ourselves. Being present takes us into the divine Presence, and this leads us to the doorway to love
~ Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD

Transformational Programs


21-day Transformation Program

Our 21-Day Transformation Program led by Dr. Gabriel Cousens provides participants with a one-of-a-kind holistic spiritual retreat experience.


Type II Diabetes Recovery Program

As featured in the movie Simply Raw–Reversing Diabetes in 30 days, this program revolutionizes the treatment of diabetes.


Women’s Wellness Retreat

This is uniquely different than any other women's retreat out there. Ladies, hormonal health is the focus. Chinese Medicine and raw food are the driving elements to a path of balance and optimal health.


10-Day Detox Retreat

Juice fasting allows the body to divert the energy normally expended on the digestive process and use it, instead, on the eradication of toxicity,



Healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.



Eat in a way that enhances the entire web of life on the planet and supports one’s spiritual evolution.


Raw Food Retreat

Our Raw Food Retreat is a welcome vacation where one can begin or continue a journey of health and transformation.

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I have done fasting, yoga, & meditation before, but never on the level of competence and integrity that Dr. Cousens and his staff have designed. Medical, emotional and spiritual concerns are addressed here in one fully integrated, lovingly supportive program.

Galina Gmore

The 21-Day program is necessary for anyone who wants to jump start their life in the direction of fulfilling their purpose, or who wants meaning in their life.

Daphne Dmore

I had two profound results that helped me immediately in my life

Dottye Dmore

Not easy but transformative and eye opening

Gene Gmore

It was a gentle, caring experience. Its an experience well worth having; uplifiting and inspiring

Chris Cmore

I have gratitude for being a guest at the Tree of Life. My experience here has been the greatest of my life. I have never experienced the compassion, knowledge, understanding, and caring of such a unique group of people.

Sharon Smore

TOL is a peak experience, nurturing. Go and experience the place, you will be rewarded.

Paula Pmore

This place is amazing, Gabriel is genius, the team is fantastic and the programes are transformational.

TeRana Tmore

Go to the Tree of Life and do the Zero-Point.  It will change your life for the better.

Simon Smore

I like how spiritually tactile the method is.

Dean Dmore